Start your life in Australia

Start your life in Australia

Sure, it’s a big country. But it’s also a friendly one, so settling in for most people is a breeze. But knowledge is power, right? So here’s the low-down on the basics of life in Australia, from housing to schooling to getting around.

Where to live

Australia has great diversity, from the cities to the suburbs to the great outdoors. In fact there are as many different lifestyles as there are great places to live them. Check out the various states and cities to get a feel for the place you’d want to call home.

Life in Australia

So, what’s it really like to live here? We’ve compiled “Australia by numbers” for the quick view, and provided a rundown on the local culture as well as a summary of the health system (which discriminates between residents and non residents). Plus, check out our famous “Top 10 things you need to know before coming to Australia”.

A place called home

You’ll be needing some walls, a floor and a roof over your head. So here’s a guide to surviving the Australian housing market. Whether you’re ready to buy or looking to rent, this will give you the 101 on finding and landing the perfect pad. Find out more.

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Where to live in Australia

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